Kesha’s comeback album Rainbow leaves a powerful impact

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Kesha’s fourth studio album, Rainbow, was released over the summer on Aug. 11. For me, the album is a triumph in every sense of the word. She has come back from the pain of her court case with new music that explores genre and style.

Her court case was between her and her producer, Dr. Luke, who allegedly raped and sexually assaulted her for the first years of her music career. She claimed he kept her quiet by threatening to ruin her career.

After the trial her record label, Sony,  refused to release her from the contract. Now, she continues to work with Dr. Luke, and she must split proceeds of her next album with him.

Despite the situation, she has released Rainbow. It has something for everyone and is sure to lift up one’s soul. From party tracks like “Woman” and “Let ‘Em Talk” to soulful, life-affirming tracks like “Praying” and “Bastards,” Kesha has released an album that is, arguably, a success.

Rainbow experiments with the “old” Ke$ha who had a dollar sign in her name and combines her with a new, soulful and experienced Kesha. From the beginning of this album to its close, you can feel the complex journey that this woman has been through to make her who she is.

You can hear pain in her lyrics and music, but you can tell she came out of the hell she suffered with a smile on her face and love in her heart through the fun, party song she shares.

Songs like Learn to Let Go are fun to listen to while being full of wisdom, and the album is so very full of emotion. On first listen of the album, I shed many tears, danced in my computer chair, and smiled so hard my face hurt.

This album isn’t simply important because it’s fun, it also holds so much emotion and wisdom in the lyrics.

It’s important because it’s a comeback from a woman who overcame multiple obstacles to produce the music she wanted to, who is still stuck in a contract with her alleged assaulter and who worked extremely hard to produce a work of art.

Kesha has always been talented and produced good music. All her albums are fun and flirty and have emotional, soulful tracks while also having dance and party tracks. The difference between the old ones and this new one is the journey she went on to create it and the journey that it sends you on.

Bastards” tells you to love yourself. It reminded me that what people say does not truly matter. “Let ‘Em Talk” tells you to ignore the haters. “Woman” tells you to be yourself. It’s a fun, empowering female dance track. “Hymn” is a love song for a modern generation.

“Praying” is a ballad for those who’ve wronged you. It reminded me that when people do something horrible to you, you don’t have to let it ruin you. Every time I listen to it, I get chills. “Learn to Let Go” is a reminder to let go of the pain. It gives me hope about being able to change the way I feel about things. “Finding You” is an emotional love ballad. “Rainbow” is a power song about becoming yourself.

“Hunting You Down” is a fun experimentation with genre. “Boogie Feet” is a super fun dance song. “Boots” is a sexy, strip-it-down song, contrasting her older song “Boots and Boys.” “Old Flames (Can’t Hold a Candle to You)” is a nostalgic, 80s style song. A duet with Dolly Parton, it sends me back to the music of my dad and makes my heart full. “Godzilla” is an unexpected, metaphorical song. “Spaceship” is a beautiful song about friendship. It makes me feel like a kid again, happily playing with my friends and being imaginative.

With this album, Kesha travels to the end of the rainbow and instead of find a pot of gold, she finds herself.

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