K-OS hypnotizes Starlight

When K-OS took Starlight’s stage on Feb. 17 for the second night in a row, the rather timid crowd was quickly transformed as he filled the club with the energy of his performance.

Throughout his career K-OS has displayed an affinity towards following his own path.

His individualism, combined with an eclectic musical focus, has resulted in an artist capable of putting on a musically ambiguous and captivating performance.

K-OS carries an intimate relationship with his songs, staying closely involved from the point of creation into the final details of production and distribution.

He strays from the contemporary and popular trends in hip-hop, focusing on his own musical values and often incorporating sounds from a wide variety of musical genres.

His performance on Wednesday highlighted several examples of this, one notable occurrence being “Stairway to Heaven Only Knows” – a refined blend of K-OS’ “Heaven Only Knows” and Led Zeppelin’s classic, “Stairway to Heaven.”

He kept the crowd involved while performing fan favourites such as “Crabbuckit” and “Sunday Morning”, often interjecting the set with rock interludes.

Perhaps the cost of expelling so much energy into his performance, K-OS cut the set quite short, ending the show just after midnight.

The transient nature of the show did not seem to disappoint however, as the crowd remained engaged and continued to dance the night away long after the set ended.

While it was obvious K-OS was well beyond the point of sobriety, he was able to maintain his focus and keep the show entertaining.

It is well documented in the K-OS fan community that at times his shows are an incredible experience and at others his talent can be lost in the bottom of the bottle.

On Wednesday day night, K-OS was able to hold a balance and display his abilities.

He made only a few mistakes and at one point quietly admitted, “I’ve been drinking ya’ll”.