June 24, 2009

“I will note for the minutes that you are a socialist.”
–Saad Aslam, chair of the WLUSU board, to director Andrew Fryer after Fryer suggested money collected from Waterloo students should be reallocated to spending in Brantford.

“Jim is one of those rare individuals. He defines three things: vision, leadership and generosity. They all come together in terms of institutions like the Balsillie Centre.”
–John Milloy, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, speaking about Jim Balsillie after he contributed $50 million to the Balsillie Centre of Excellence.

“This is like a large ship. WLU cannot be turned around like a large speedboat. We are not as nimble.”
–VP: Finance Jim Butler speaking to the academic senate on the topic of bringing the university out of debt.

“If they’re too big to fail… they’re also too big to bail out.”
–Griffin Carpenter, president of the Campus Greens, on the GM auto bailout.

“What would be really interesting is if we were able to see some type of pan-Canadian accord where all the provinces come together and together came up with a strategic vision of what education should look like across the country.”
–Kory Preston, WLU’s CASA delegate, on the future of post-secondary eduction.

“We find our club is very exclusive and accepting of all people who are interested in the subject matter.”
–Chloe Arbutina, president of the Campus Conservatives.

“Learning, of course you know, is the one activity of which the individual is capable, that never flickers with age as long as we make the effort… It never fails with illness or fades during persecution or disgrace. Learning always implies a move to a higher stage of understanding your relationship with the world.”
–WLU psychology professor Don Morgenson speaking at a public lecture on the implications of continued liberal learning.