Wisdom disconnect: June 24, 2009

Rhymes with Tackle: A computer screen takes more energy to display a white screen than a black screen. That’s why Heap Media and Google created Blackle to help save energy. It’s believed that a Black Google (a.k.a. Blackle) could save up to 750 megawatt-hours per year.

That’s Nothing!: Sir Fredrick Banting is known primarily for his discovery of insulin; however, this isn’t his only claim to fame. He was also a decorated war hero as well as a recognized artist who painted with the Group of Seven.

I prefer Giraphants: Napoleon Dynamite’s favorite animal is the fictitious liger. As it turns out, the liger isn’t so fictitious after all, but is in fact a hybrid of a male lion and a female tiger. (Hey – isn’t that what Napoleon said?) Only a handful of these creatures exist in the world and only as a result of human interference.

Another Hybrid? The turtle frog looks like a dilapidated human tongue with a misshapen head and tiny limbs sticking out of its torso. So what’s so special about turtle frogs? Unlike other frog species, it can burrow head-first into the sand and can eat up to 400 termites in one sitting!

What does that make you and me? There is a scientific theory that states that the entire universe is a type of detailed hologram called a phantasm. This explains why electrons can communicate instantaneously even though they are light years apart.

Who is Amy anyway? Britney Spears’ hit single of the summer, “If You Seek Amy”, might be about something other than looking for her lost friend. Let me see if I can spell this one out for you – F-YOU-SEE-K-ME. Maybe that was a little too obvious for some of you.