Jan. 27, 2010

Property Damage; Location: Peters Building Officers investigated damage to the locking mechanism of a vending machine and found the unit had not been entered. Company notified of damage.

Property Damage; Location: Library 3rd floor Men’s Washroom Unknown person(s) wrote on the wall of a washroom stall. PP&P requested to remove.

Indecent Act; Location: DAWB 3rd floor Unisex Washroom Female student reported a male masturbating in the washroom after she entered through an unlocked door. A suitable description could not be obtained for further investigation, but evidence was collected from the scene.

Drugs; Location: Residence Officers investigated drug use by a male and female student, and seized a glass bong and electric vaporizer. Residence Life to impose sanctions.

Assist Other Service; Location: Wilf’s
Officers responded for a 911 hang-up and could not locate anyone needing assistance.

Property Damage; Location: Terrace Food Court
Unknown person smashed a hole through the security glass in the entrance door. No entry gained. PP&P paged to attend for repairs due to safety hazard.

Graffiti; Location: Residence Unknown person used white spray paint on an exterior wall. PP&P notified to remove.

Graffiti; Location: St. Jerome’s Unisex Washroom Unknown person used pencil to write illegible words on the tile wall. PP&P notified to remove.

By-Law Infraction; Location: St. Jerome’s Officers spoke with several students of the St. Louis Adult Learning Campus regarding smoking within 10 meters of the building. Names were obtained and forwarded to the Principle of the school.

Fraud; Location: Dining Hall A student reported that her lost OneCard had been used at the Dining Hall, and has since cancelled her card. Dining Hall staff was advised of the student’s name.

Theft Under $5000; Location: Athletic Complex Women’s change room A female student reported that she left her purse on the bench while swimming and returned to find her wallet missing.

Assist Other Service; Location: Residence Officers attended for a 911 hang up, but found the student registered to the cell phone used had been evicted, and could not be located. Police advised of outcome.

Suspicious Person; Location: Bricker Academic Building 5th floor A faculty member reported seeing a male dressed in black on the 5th floor acting suspiciously. A facial description could not be obtained due to the person’s hat and jacket blocking their face.

Drugs; Location: Residence Officers investigated a male that had been smoking marijuana in his room with a friend, who left prior to the officer’s arrival. A metal pipe was seized, and Residence Life will be imposing sanctions.

Drugs; Location: Residence
Officers investigated several students smoking marijuana in a room. A bong and rolling papers were seized for destruction, and Residence Life will be imposing sanctions.

Drugs; Location: Residence
Officers investigated drug use, and seized various items of drug paraphernalia, and alcohol due to the student being under age.

Arrest; Location: Residence
Officers arrested a male who had been previously trespassed from the property, and issued a Provincial Offence ticket.

Property Damage; Location: DAWB
Officers found a ceiling sign indicating “stairs” was hanging down and causing a safety hazard. The sign was removed until PP&P could make repairs.

Assist Other Service; Location: Laurier Place
Officers gathered information regarding a domestic situation between a student and her off-campus boyfriend, and forwarded it to Waterloo Regional Police for further investigation.

Drugs; Location: Residence
Officers investigated the same student from the previous day for smoking marijuana in his room. The student had been warned not to have any visitors in his room after the initial incident, and was found in contravention. Residence Life will impose further sanctions.

Unwanted Person; Location: Residence
Three males were trespassed from the property after they were found in building smoking drugs in the above incident.

Liquor Offense; Location: Residence
Officers were investigating a separate incident when they encountered a male consuming alcohol underage. A Provincial Offence ticket was issued.

Drugs; Location: Residence
Officers investigated a male for smoking marijuana and seized a bong and a pipe for destruction. Residence Life will impose sanctions.

Drugs; Location: Residence
Officers investigated 7 people for smoking a marijuana joint. They were all advised not to return to university property. Residence Life to impose sanctions.

Unwanted Person; Location: Residence
Officers trespassed a person after being involved in drug use.

Liquor Offense; Location: Residence
A student was issued with a Provincial Office ticket after being found having alcohol in their possession while being underage.

Impaired Driving; Location: Residence
Officers and Residence Life tried to stop an intoxicated male from getting into a car but were unsuccessful, and had to avoid being struck by the evading vehicle. The vehicle information was passed on to Waterloo Regional Police.

Disturbance; Location: Residence
A large group of males confronted two male students, with one sustaining injury to the lip. The large group was no longer there when officers arrived.

Drugs; Location: Residence
Officers investigated a male and female smoking marijuana. A bong was seized from the male, who was also trespassed from the university. Residence Life to impose sanctions on the female student.

Property Damage; Location: Seminary
An unknown person threw a large chunk of ice at a ground floor window, causing damage to a single pane of a double pane window. PP&P notified to make repairs.