Jan. 27, 2010

5 years:
Former football players sentenced to house arrest

Two former members of the Laurie Golden hawks football team, Jeffrey Melis and Stephen Ryan McGuffin were sentenced to two years house arrest for pleading guilty to charges of aggravated assault.

The charges came from a 2003 assault on a University of Waterloo fourth-year optometry student. The student was left in critical condition, however, has since fully recovered. The conditions of the sentence allow the accused to leave their houses for school, work, medical/dental needs, or only if granted permission by a judge.

Printed Feb. 2, 2005

25 years:
WLUSU president asked to resign

After releasing a letter of support in favour of one of the election candidates, WLUSU president Kevin Byers, was asked to resign by the Operations Management Board (OMB). The OMB had agreed not to take sides between the two candidates in the election, therefore when Byers did so it went against strict policy of the board.

Printed Feb. 7, 1985

35 years:
Army Interviews

Lieutenant Colonial A.C Brett, Senior Army Career Counsellor of Headquarters Central Command will visit the University of Waterloo, Waterloo University College and Waterloo Lutheran Seminary on Feb. 11. He will be discussing career opportunities for both graduates and undergraduates.

Printed Feb 5, 1960