Error in global article

Re: “A global view,” Jan. 20

Always enjoying a worldly perspective I decided to take a read of “A global view” and came to a section entitled “Pillaging the Planet” that struck a chord.

Its opening paragraph stated: “The trafficking of wildlife … is driven by Asia’s desire for fine cuisine and medicinal usage of rare wildlife and Westerner financiers who enjoy exotic animals.”

Being a “greedy capitalistic fat cat” banker, I decided to investigate the National Geographic article mentioned by the Cord.

Much to my chagrin I found no mention of Wall Street or large bonuses in the article.
In fact the only mention about the demand for exotic wildlife came in the form of this statement: “In Asia, wildlife ends up on the banquet table or in medicine shops; in Western countries, in the living rooms of exotic-animal fanciers.”

So I guess the moral of the story is: when you are doing your best to avoid plagiarism ensure that you don’t end up changing the intended meaning of the fact you are trying to convey.

–Brian Highgate