In review: Ish & Chips food truck


Photo by Heather Davidson
Photo by Heather Davidson

Ever since it burned down in August 2012, notoriously delicious fish and chips restaurant Ish & Chips has been absent from the Waterloo region. Ish & Chips had some of the most delectable fish, chips, poutine and hot eats that this region had to offer but unfortunately, no one has been able to enjoy for almost two years.

Luckily, they have returned to Waterloo – with a new spin. Instead of a stationary restaurant, they have decided to take things to the streets. Ish & Chips will now be satisfying your taste buds via food truck. They will be roaming various parts of uptown serving up all the delicacies that you’ve been longing for. Check below for some highly recommend eats from the new and improved Waterloo landmark.

Haddock Fish & Chips

This is the premiere dish of Ish & Chips. Their classic fish and chips basket comes with a hearty amount of thick cut fries topped with a beautifully battered piece of haddock. Usually, fish and chips from a food truck can come out dry and hard to chew but the juiciness of the fish is remarkable. It tastes as if it was caught that day. I would highly recommend sprinkling some salt and ketchup on this combo just to top it all off.


The poutine over at Ish & Chips is to die for. They start with the thickest cut fries you can imagine. What makes or breaks a poutine is its cheese curds – and Ish & Chips uses fresh curds that squeak against your teeth when bitten into, which some would say is their defining characteristic. On top of that, the gravy is thick and flavourful but messy – napkin required.

Chicken Breast Pita

Their sternly seasoned chicken breast is lathered in tzatziki and wrapped up in a fresh pita. Some just like tossing in some lettuce and calling it a day, but you can dress it up with whatever you like. Common toppings are their juicy tomatoes and diced onions. Any way you dress it up, you can’t go wrong with this one.


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  1. Nicole Anderson Avatar

    Thick cut fries? Ummmm noooooo, they were shitty frozen fries when I went!

  2. Nicole Anderson Avatar

    Fish was good though.

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