Ignatieff visits Waterloo


Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff made a stop in Kitchener-Waterloo on Sept. 9 to address the failures of the current government and the possibility of an election.

Ignatieff was joined by former Liberal MPs Andrew Telegdi and Karen Redman. Telegdi and Redman are both looking to regain their positions in their respective ridings if an election is called.

The question of a fall election was left uncertain. “I don’t want to speculate about that,” said Ignatieff.

How the Conservative government continues to tackle the recession will be a determining factor in calling an election.

“We believe that if you’re running the largest deficit in history, terrible unemployment numbers, record bankruptcies and you’re letting Canadian champions down, you’re not investing in the jobs of tomorrow and the know-how of tomorrow then we cant support you,” said Ignatieff.

He added, “we need to present Canadians with an alternative and that’s what we’re going to do.”

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