How to…

Keep the lines of communication open: This is the most essential step. Communicate with your roommate that you are sexually active and that there is a possibility that you will be having sex in your room. Without this communication, every other measure will fall flat.

Give advanced notice: In an ideal situation, you can inform your roommate when you’ll be needing privacy in the room and for how long. You can even set up a system of rules, such as no sex in the room after 1 a.m.

Set up a system of signals: If you need to provide your roommate short notice, agree upon a signal ahead of time, whether it be a tie on the doorknob, a certain song emanating from the room or a rushed text message.
Be willing to get “sexiled”: It’s unfair to exile your roommate every now and then if you’re not willing to follow the same rules.

If all else fails: Roommate’s already sleeping? Just can’t wait? Well, if all else fails, just, you know, be real quiet-like. It’s not like it’s never been done before. Just make sure your roommate is the kind of person that would be okay with this, should they find out.