Outfitting your res room

Moving into residence can bring on a mixture of emotions from fear to excitement. There is no need to worry, since most students look back on their time in residence as a first-year with fond memories. Whether you’re in a dormitory or apartment-style residence, The Cord is giving you great tips about making your small space work for you.

  1. Decorate: Residence rooms can be drab and dull when you see them for the first time. A great way to fix that is by putting posters and pictures up on the walls. Photos of your trip to Africa or a poster of your favourite band, for example, add personality to your space and allow you to feel more at home in your new room.

  2. Maximize Storage: Find ways to maximize storage in a minimal amount of space with the use of plastic bins that could go under the bed, above shelves or in the closet. Plastic crates are an inexpensive storage solution that allows for easy transportation of items to your room in residence and can be stacked for a simple temporary shelving unit. Make sure to also have a boot rack to prevent shoe clutter.

  3. Hang Hooks: In order to increase hanging space, purchase some adhesive hooks at your local hardware store. They stick onto the wall, firmly holding your clothes, accessories and picture frames – to name a few – in place, yet can easily be removed at the end of the year. Another solution is buying a set of hooks that hang over your doorframe, creating hanging space on the back of your door for heavier items such as coats and bags.

  4. Bathroom Tote: You will most likely need something in which to carry your bath stuff to and from the washroom, so a bathroom tote is a great idea. It keeps all of your toiletries organized and ensures you don’t forget your bar of soap when you’re in the shower.

  5. Light it up: To improve lighting, a small light with a clamp at its base allows you to increase lighting by your bed or desk. This takes up no surface area unlike a regular lamp and can be moved quickly around your room, making it a great way to eliminate clutter.

  6. Cool it down: It can become quite hot and stuffy in your dorm room, especially during the first few weeks of school. This is why having a fan is a great idea to keep you and your room cool. Over the winter months, when you are rarely opening your window for fresh air, a dehumidifier is an economical way to keep your air fresh, making you breathe easier.