Guelph’s Kitty Café sets precedence for a K-W duplicate

Photo by Lakyn Barton

Upon entering the Kitty Café in Guelph, Ontario, it looks quite unassuming. There’s a big sign behind a counter listing cat-themed foods and drinks and a store full of cat items.

Yet, once you pay your admission and take your shoes off, you’re allowed behind a magical door leading you into a room full of kitties. There’s a sign on the wall with the pictures of the cats that live there and plenty of room to sit and eat, as well as a big climbing tree and cat toys.

It’s a wonderful environment for humans and a great way to find the cats forever homes.

The point of a cat café is for people to adopt the kitties. The cats in the Guelph café are all from the Guelph Humane Society.

Min Kim, the owner of the Guelph Kitty Café, says that 200 cats have been adopted since they opened about a year ago. That is a great amount of cats that have found forever homes!

Min Kim also said that many University of Guelph students frequent the kitty café.

“They come to study,” he said, “but many times do not end up studying!”

He laughed, and continued to say that they get to relax with the cats which can be great for them and help them to study better when they return home.

This is why a cat café would be hugely beneficial in Waterloo with its two university campuses and a college campus. Spending time surrounded by cats, often seen as very calming animals, can help students relax and clear their mind.

When asked if more cat cafés across Ontario would be beneficial, Min Kim says that it is a hard question to answer. He says that cat cafes are very beneficial, but it takes a special kind of person to run a cat café.

“This job does not make you a millionaire. It is for the cats.”

However, at the time of writing, the K-W Humane Society has 12 kitties that need forever homes. What better way to find them one than to open a kitty café?

The need for a kitty café in Waterloo is great because it would not only be beneficial to the general public and the students, but to the cats who need forever homes as well.

We need that special kind of person to take initiative and start one up.

However, until we have one here, you can find the Guelph Kitty Café.

Please, visit the kitties and have a coffee. You won’t regret it.

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