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  1. There are some other café’s in Uptown, too, which offer comforting atmospheres and good coffee.

    Café 22:
    (near home hardware) provides Illy Coffee and loads of good food. I describe it to friends as a place you would want to take your Mom, it’s quite decorative and never too busy! Thetes wifi, as well!

    Aroma Café:
    For an amazing array of coffee and tea, study space is limited, but it is located in a beautiful building.

    Berlin Bicycle Café:
    Located in Belmont Village, a little out of the way but it provides a bright, simple space with awesome teas (and coffee, of course)

    In the Uptown mall plaza, thing, it has some delicious treats and decent coffee. Space is also limited but it’s a great place to go for a treat!

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