Great off campus study spots


Settlement Co. 

(23 King St N, Waterloo)

This new addition to uptown Waterloo is becoming a study hot spot. This student-friendly space offers free wifi, a wireless charging station, lots of outlets and arguably most important for this time of year — unlimited coffee refills. With friendly baristas, trendy decor, comfortable seating and great lighting, this cafe will make you feel right at home. This spot is open fairly late, so for those who feel like staying a while, I recommend trying out their unique toast bar.

Unity Baking 

(331 King St W, Kitchener)

If you’re like me and appreciate incentives while studying, this is the perfect spot for you. With an array of confections, notably their famous cupcakes, Unity Baking sweetens the reality of deadlines and exams. Formerly known as Honey Bake Shop, it has moved to Kitchener, away from the hustle and bustle of uptown Waterloo. This bakery has a cozy, intimate vibe and hosts many other studious patrons.

As well as sweets, the bakery has delectable sandwiches, a large selection of unique teas and colourful macarons. Unity Baking makes it easy for students to hole up with a cupcake and tea combo and finish an entire paper, freeing up the rest of their evening.

Waterloo Public Library 

(35 Albert Street, Waterloo)

For those who desire a traditional study spot free from distractions, but can’t be bothered to hit the library at 6:00 a.m. in hopes of finding a free cubicle, the Waterloo Public Library is a great alternative. Most students forget that we have a public library minutes from campus, which works to your benefit since it isn’t as busy.

Also, there are fewer distractions off campus, like seeing friends or awkward Tinder matches. This change of environment and abundance of library resources promotes productivity. Keep in mind the Waterloo Public Library is better suited to daytime studiers since it closes much earlier than the Laurier Library.

LSPIRG Office 

(65 Albert St., Waterloo)

The LSPIRG office is right across from the Library and offers a safe space to study and relax. Not many students know that this space is available for them to use, so the chances of you scoring a quiet, comfortable place to study are very high. The LSPIRG staff encourages students to utilize their resources including the space, research computers and library.

Seven Shores Cafe 

(10 Regina St N, Waterloo)

Seven Shores Cafe is close to campus, but tucked away just enough to make it a hidden gem. This bright contemporary space will spark your creativity. Their menu boasts local, ethical and of course delicious options for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

As we all know, brain food is imperative for studying, so definitely make this your study destination if you’re looking to enjoy a healthy meal.

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  1. Hannah Narduzzi Avatar

    There are some other café’s in Uptown, too, which offer comforting atmospheres and good coffee.

    Café 22:
    (near home hardware) provides Illy Coffee and loads of good food. I describe it to friends as a place you would want to take your Mom, it’s quite decorative and never too busy! Thetes wifi, as well!

    Aroma Café:
    For an amazing array of coffee and tea, study space is limited, but it is located in a beautiful building.

    Berlin Bicycle Café:
    Located in Belmont Village, a little out of the way but it provides a bright, simple space with awesome teas (and coffee, of course)

    In the Uptown mall plaza, thing, it has some delicious treats and decent coffee. Space is also limited but it’s a great place to go for a treat!

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