Your first heart break isn’t the end of the world


Graphic by Josh Awolade
Graphic by Josh Awolade

Many say that you never truly forget your first love. This may not necessarily be the first person you fall for, the first person you’re intimate with or the first person you get into a relationship with.

They are, however, the first person you reveal your true self to, all your imperfections and your fears.

More often than not this can be your high school sweetheart. Most teenagers can’t imagine their life without this person because you’ve spent every moment of your schooling life with them.

However, as strong as young love may be, the difficulties that come with a long-distance relationship are just as strong. Sometimes this can result in the ultimatum of breaking up or staying together.

Regardless of the outcome, know that you will be okay.

For the sake of exploration, lets assume that you two break up. University presents a whole new world for you to explore. Yes, your first love may have seemed like your entire world right now. But once you move into your new dorm, it’s like stepping into a whole other playing field.

The rush of falling for someone never changes, regardless if they’re your first, or fiftieth love. You learn something new each time.

Many students try the long distance college relationship, leaving some bonds in ruins while others are stronger than they have ever been.

Paranoia could either get you out of a failing relationship, or could shoot a good one right in the foot. According Jenna Tse, second-year psychology student at Trent University, her relationship faced problems when they couldn’t keep up with their nightly Skype dates and monthly anniversary visits. Paranoia of infidelity can eventually take a toll on your mood while spending seemingly invaluable time with a loved one. As Tse became increasingly independent, the relationship naturally ended.

Ryan Chan, second-year student at the University of Toronto, who is currently in a long distance relationship, stated “trust and communication keep the relationship going strong.”

You may wake up one day in your dorm room to realize that life could be so much more than waiting around for someone who isn’t physically there with you.

If you and your significant other break up, chances are the seed was already planted and all it took was a little distance. Even though I was devastated when things ended with my high school sweetheart, I’m glad we didn’t work out. Take it in stride. You’ll move on. You’ll get over it.

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