F ‘n’ M entertains and gives back

Fashion ‘n’ Motion, WLUSU’s annual dance and fashion show, has become somewhat of a tradition at Laurier.

Initiated in the 1990s as a fashion show held at the Turret, the show has gradually incorporated a greater dance element and taken the stage of the Theatre Auditorium.

“This year our show was called ‘Dare to Dream’,” producer Joanna Burke told The Cord.

“We wanted to incorporate something to give the choreographers room to work with what they had … so different aspirations, different things they could think of, things they experienced.”

The show ran on Friday and Saturday night, plus a Saturday matinee, this past weekend. Given the theme, the show’s numbers included a group number about a nightmare, an all-male performance about a “dream girl” and transitions about making dreams come true.

These, among others, contributed to an entertaining though fairly predictable show.

With its many participants delivering larger numbers, a few smaller numbers would have broken up the performances nicely and highlighted individual talent.

But there were other elements that provided variation throughout the show, like a vocal performance, the surprisingly concise fashion portion and a lovely speech from the show’s charity awareness co-ordinator Kelly Verberne about the charity to which the funds of Fashion ‘n’ Motion are donated.

“This year what we chose [as our charity] was the St. Mary’s Hospital Cardiac Care Center. They have a bunch of different programs that help to rehabilitate people who have had cardiac problems,” explained Burke.

The money that ends up at St. Mary’s is determined by not only the show’s profit, but by other events that the group runs throughout the year.

In this way, Fashion ’n’ Motion is much more than a one weekend affair. Other charitable events include a 12-hour dance-a-thon, a Laurier’s Next Top Model contest focusing on the group’s fashion component and a dance competition for a group to win a place in the show.

“There are a lot of people who have never danced before and a lot that have been dancing all their lives,” said Burke. “So we have a good mix of people. It’s really cool to work with all different abilities and challenge yourself as well.”

F ’n’ M is a great outlet for those who simply have a passion for dancing or fashion, though the dance element really took centre stage this year.

“The biggest thing we look for is the passion. So it’s not necessarily about being the best dancer, it’s about the experience,” Burke continued.

“It’s been an incredible experience and everyone involved has just done such an amazing job. I’m so proud of them,” she concluded.