Explore social issues

Throughout the year, Laurier offers a variety of events that support diversity on campus.

These are opportunities for students to seek out and educate themselves about important social issues.

The Wilfrid Laurier University Rainbow Centre is hosting the transgendered awareness week in the concourse this week, which aims to educate the community about transgendered issues.

Dignitas Laurier, a youth chapter of Dignitas International – a humanitarian organization working to improve the life of HIV/AIDS victims as well as promote awareness – has also been given official club status by the students’ union.

Furthermore, the Women’s Centre hosts a bi-monthly film series that promotes discussion about issues on a range of topics like gender and race.

Although it may be intimidating to walk up to the Rainbow Centre booth, inquire about AIDS or attend a film discussion, these groups exist to be approachable and informative.

Intimidation can come from feeling an obligation to join or support a certain group instead of just learning about them and opening your mind to the different issues they attempt to tackle.

These groups have perceptions that can work against the purpose of them; to participate in the Rainbow Centre one may feel they have to identify as a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans or Queer (LGBTQ) individual although the centre in fact supports and welcomes people of all sexual orientations.

The Women’s Centre may seem like a place where only strong feminists are allowed even though males are encouraged to participate in certain events and discussions.

The epidemic of AIDS is still an extremely important issue in society although it receives less media attention than it has in the past. Support and education is crucial to combating the disease.

It’s important to fight the stigma that exists about these groups and the causes they support.

Take the opportunities available on campus to check out the different areas of diversity and think about issues that are important to everyone, even though they may not seem particularly pertinent to your specific situation.

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