Exercising democratic rights through student elections

As we approach student election season, we encourage all students at Laurier to inform themselves about the election and the importance of voting.

With the recent election in the States, now, more than ever, young people should be realizing the importance of exercising their democratic rights, even if it is in small-scale student elections.

We understand that maybe not everyone thinks student government will affect them. We realize that there are students who will not get involved with Students’ Union activities and therefore not care about who is governing the Students’ Union.

If you find yourself in those categories, student government does affect you, too. The Students’ Union spearheads several services that you may use without even realizing that they are Union based.

Also, with student elections also comes referendum questions, which can add or subtract ancillary fees to your student account. Along with voting for who will represent the student body, you could also be saying “yes” or “no” to added fees.

We encourage the Students’ Union to make this information more known, year round. Make the information more accessible about what our student leaders do. Make an incentive for voting. Always strive for further engagement with those outside of the Union.

And to the students, hold your student leaders accountable by participating in student elections. The future of Laurier is in all of your hands.

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