Dating outside your year

(Graphic by Lena Yang)
(Graphic by Lena Yang)

When it comes to dating an older man or woman, there are a ton of things that rush to mind in terms of whether or not it’s viewed by others as acceptable.

Some people wonder as to why someone would want to date someone outside of their year and often formulate judgments and jokes around the apparent ‘big deal’ of a situation without reservation. To others, it may appear ‘odd’ based purely on the fact that they are older.

Even the tiniest of age differences to some account for a nightmarish scenario. What people fail to acknowledge are all of the positive aspects that can come with dating someone older. Wilfrid Laurier University student Chloe Scanlon has the old-time belief that age is just a number.  “That shouldn’t determine whether that handsome, masculine, older guy should be your next boyfriend or not,” Scanlon explained.“The only thing that matters is their ability to make you happy.”

However, there are some who feel that you have to be in the same stage in life. Danielle Scarmato thinks that it is fine to date someone older only if the maturity level has an even balance. “If you are in your twenties, and you’re five to seven years apart for example, that’s different than a 16 year old dating someone 24 because it’s likely their in different stages,” Scarmato explained.

With dating an older person, there also comes the risk of judgments and unwanted opinions from others. Scanlon, whose boyfriend is older than she is, admits that she had been bombarded with the concern about the pressure to settle down and she has heard remarks about being with him for money.

“Neither of those aspects have ever crossed my mind,” Scanlon admitted. “It’s more about who he is, how he makes me feel and the positivity he brings into my life as well as his aspirations that initially drew me to the guy in the first place, not his age.”

Scarmato added that there should not be a justification for why the person is dating someone older. That is between the two people involved in the relationship.“You can just click with someone who may be three years older than you or three years younger,” Scarmato reasoned.“Every relationship is different so people shouldn’t really care, as long as that person is a good influence on you.”

As long as you are dating someone for the right reasons, it should be no one else’s business. So be happy and enjoy the company from the person you are dating, regardless of how old they are.

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