‘Come on, let’s get drunk’

(Photo by Kate Turner)

Although it’s easy to get lost, wishing our days were as leisurely and care free as the ones in the summer, the darkness that settles upon us at 5 p.m. every evening is a clear reminder that this lifestyle, at the time being, is well out of our reach.

With all of the papers and mid-terms weighing heavily on our shoulders, we long for those days when we didn’t have to worry about responsibilities and could hit the town as we please.

I’m sure we’ve all had to make that life-altering decision at least once during our university career: to go out or to stay in.

Maybe it’s not quite a life-altering decision, but it sure feels like it sometimes.

Especially when trying to fit in a simple night out on the calendar with all those other due dates piling up.

The pressure to go out is always prevalent in my household, just as it may commonly be with most student living situations. One roommate literally cannot do anything without the other and it has become a routine of convincing one another to going out regardless of what day of month it is. This may be some sort of co-dependency problem, but that’s another story.

Last Tuesday my roommate asked if she could “convince anyone to drink with her”. After hearing those words, the deadlines and priorities were automatically altered: Tuesday was clearly not a night for academia in her mind.

It is not just making the decision of whether you should go out or not – especially if you’re living with friends.  But you have to deal with the dreaded and infamous symptoms associated with, FOMO which stands for “Fear Of Missing Out.”

That is the most accurate way to describe this phenomenon because it’s so hard to say no to your friend when they entice you with the promise of an alcohol-induced euphoria- and delicious drunk food.

Once the decision is made to decline the social gathering, the FOMO sinks in and the tug-o-war of ‘did I make the right decision?’ circulates.

What I’ve come to realize over the past few years is that if you’re going to succeed in both the social and academic aspects of university life, you have to plan ahead.

Having access to all of your classes’ syllabi is helpful so you can plan when you have to set aside time to do homework and when you will have time to get your kicks.

Also, checking your bank account to make sure you are using your expenses wisely and not always on cover and pitchers is a good way to determine whether or not a night out is a good idea.

So, with all this in mind, don’t stress out too much about missing out on a night out with your friends. Chances are there will be another opportunity for you to be included.

Just keep up with your academic schedule and you will be fine. Of course, no one can promise they won’t have a momentary lapse… or two.

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