Combating the turkey bloat

Let’s talk about Thanksgiving.

While it does have a lovely myth behind it, involving the bonding of the Aboriginals and Europeans, for most of us who are participants in this holiday it only means one thing; active acknowledgement that you are eating your weight in turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Unfortunately, for the majority of us, if our eyes prove to be bigger than our stomachs, we will quickly realize at the end of the weekend that we have gained enough “Turkey Bloat” to send us all scrambling to the gym.

However, if there are some of you out there hoping that your turkey food-baby will eventually disappear, you’re in luck! The cold weather gives you a perfect excuse to bundle up and camouflage your unwanted bump. Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting ready in the morning:

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Scarf and Wedges: H&M ($19.95, $49.95), Tank-top: Aerie (on-sale: $12.96), Blazer: Dynamite ($44.90), Jeggings: American Eagle Outfitters ($46.61).

Unless you already own a pair of Spanx, stay away from anything form fitting. If you’re already feeling gross, there is no point in torturing yourself by wearing something that will make you feel uncomfortable. It’s basically just asking for that teenage paranoia where “everyone” is always watching you.

Instead, aim for a loose-fitting tank top or tunic while adding some structure such as a blazer on top. Opt for leaving it open if it feels too snug around the middle but the fit should still give the allusion of a slimmer silhouette.

Drawing the eyes upwards with accessories such as a brightly coloured scarf will also help to distract from areas that you are trying to downplay.

Finally, skip the sweatpants – they are not doing you any favours. The best way to go is to throw on a pair of jeggings if you’re feeling uncomfortable. They are lightweight and tend to have more give than jeans, especially in the waistline. This also gives you the option to throw on a pair of wedges, which are more school-appropriate and the added height will continue to help slim out your frame.

Good luck to everyone fighting off their turkey baby! I think I may keep mine and name it Gobbles.

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