Celebrating Valentine’s Day While Social Distancing

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It would be a safe assumption to think this Valentine’s Day is going to suck. We can’t see each other, it’s as simple as that. How do you celebrate a romantic holiday without at the very least the presence of your paramour?

It’s hard, I won’t deny that; but, we have options. There are plenty of ways to show love and affection through the numerous platforms in place to make this kind of communication feasible.

Express your love virtually

There are thousands of ways to show your partner that you care through the internet! It could be as simple as a text or as intricate as buying them a star.

Create a personalized video of you wishing them a happy Valentine’s Day—sing a little song, do a little dance. Get creative with it. If we can’t put the effort in person, we might as well go above and beyond over the internet.

Schedule a Zoom date

I know we might all be a little sick of these “virtual dates” but for the sake of the holiday, let’s embrace it.

Nothing is stopping you from enjoying 99% of the date you would have had without the need to socially distance. Prepare a meal, light a candle—all that sappy crap we know and love. And once all that business is finished with, skip down a little and give my last point some consideration.

Send a care package to your loved one’s house

The best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day while never having to participate in the clean up. “Here’s a box of stuff from the gas station, enjoy!” Put a personalized touch into it. Let your partner know you’re thinking of them. 

Load that thing with glitter, chocolate, flowers—throw in a butterball turkey for all I care. Make it fun for everyone, especially their father and the vacuum.

Write a love letter

Nothing beats an old fashioned love letter. Crack out those calligraphy pens, some properly stained parchment and those stamps you’ve had since 2008.

Just have fun with it. Show your partner that you’re willing to put in a little extra effort to make a socially distanced Valentine’s Day just as exciting. 

Treat yourself at home

There’s only so much you can do for your partner online. Take the rest of the day and practice some self-care. Take a bath, rock a face mask, meditate!

Carve out some time to indulge in the things you typically feel guilty doing. It’s a hard enough day, regardless of your relationship status. Make this day yours.

Spend some quality time with family

I mean, why not? Your single mother deserves attention too. After you’re finished with your partner, wash your hands and go spend some time with the family.

Just because we can’t see our romantic interests doesn’t mean we can’t see anyone. Let your parents, your siblings, even your mom’s geriatric boyfriend know that you love and care for them. This day isn’t easy on them either.

Have some fun!—virtually!

Who says we can’t participate in a little monkey business just because we’re in a nation-wide lockdown? Throw on that web cam—along with a little Yanni—and get funky with your partner.

Share an intimate moment with them as best you can. Of course it’s not ideal but at least it’s safe. No one’s ever caught a virus from a dick-pic.

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