Gay parenting researched

Though homosexuality is becoming increasingly accepted in society, one issue in particular has become more prominent: gay parenting and the questions that surround it. Anna Wilk noticed a lack of research on this subject and completed her masters of sociology at WLU on gay fatherhood under the supervision of Dr. Glenda Wall, associate professor. Wilk decided to focus on gay […]

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Election prospects

A loss to Stéphane Dion in December 2006 may have set back Michael Ignatieff’s political career temporarily, but he is quickly trying to extend the Liberal party’s power. After securing the leadership of the federal Liberal party on May 2 by a 97 percent vote on behalf of the delegates, Ignatieff has become the leader of Canada’s official opposition. During […]

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News in Brief

WLU to acquire new Toronto office Wilfrid Laurier University is currently in negotiations to sign a lease that will give the university space in a downtown Toronto building. This space, located at King Street West and York Street, will primarily be used for recruitment, alumni, fundraising, government relations and having a presence in the city. WLU president Max Blouw said […]

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Main street to blame for recession: economics prof

“The only thing we learn from history is that we don’t actually learn from history,” said Phelim Boyle, a professor of finance at Wilfrid Laurier University, who opened a panel discussion Friday at the annual School of Business and Economics conference. This year, the focus of the conference was the global financial crisis. The purpose of the panel, entitled “Lessons […]

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Campus renovations begin

Beginning May 19, the Waterloo campus of Wilfrid Laurier University will undergo significant landscaping renovations. The project will cost approximately $1.5 million and is expected to finish Friday, September 4 before the Labour Day weekend. “It’s quite a big project,” commented Gary Nower, assistant vice-president of physical resources. The renovations were designed with a few various objectives. “The main driving […]

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WCH fire investigation incomplete

The cause of the April 14 Waterloo College Hall (WCH) fire, that claimed the life of a first-year Wilfrid Laurier University student and displaced hundreds of students in the in the midst of final exams, has still not been identified. Bryan Fischer, fire investigation supervisor for the Office of the Ontario Fire Marshal, stated that the report is likely not […]

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First-year student who passed away in WCH fire remembered as a “fun-loving, great guy”

The tragic death of 19 year-old Dave LaForest has left the Laurier community shocked and saddened, as it has been forced to say goodbye to a beloved athlete, floormate, classmate and friend. Dave passed away in Hamilton General on April 19 after suffering critical burns in a residence fire. Josh Windsor, Dave’s rugby coach, remembers him as a hardworking team […]

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Recession hits Laurier co-ops

The current economic recession has found its way into co-op departments at universities across the region. While more students are looking to co-op as means of employment, there are simply fewer jobs available to them. “There is more competition from other schools; it is a tighter market,” said Karen McCarger, associate director of Laurier’s department of co-operative education. “Employers are […]

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Two new residence buildings

Two new buildings have been leased by Laurier residential services, one that holds 82 students at 325 Spruce Street and one with 385 students at 340 Spruce Street. The buildings were purchased to accommodate the increase in students who have been promised residence rooms for the 2009-10 academic year. “While we’ve got a problem, it’s a more manageable problem. The […]

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