Carnivore’s Conundrum: Back on track

We’re back on track, folks. $80 was spent, and no more. Most of that money was put towards Homecoming “groceries”, but I was incredibly cautious with my money.

Saturday was obviously cheat day, and Sunday I didn’t really feel like eating, which worked out to my advantage.

“But Spencer,” you’re probably (not) asking yourself, “How did you go from spending so much money to spending so little?”

Do not fret, I will tell you. Here are some examples of how I was able to bounce back:

1) Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers. Most recipes make a four-person serving, if you break it into four meals you will spend much less money on groceries.

Soups and casseroles are prime for leftovers. Just follow the instructions on shepherd’s pie seasoning and you’re in the money.

2) I’m taking a pearl of wisdom that I learned from my father the day I came home with a case of Stella Artois. “STELLA?! That’s too good of a beer, you drink Brava and Old Milwaukee until you have a real job,” he told me.

It’s true, though. Don’t splurge on expensive alcohol unless it’s a special occasion.

3)Investment groceries. Buying a bag of shrimp and incorporating that into more than one meal is key. Be creative with pasta, chicken and other versatile foods.

4) Get yourself some eggs, canola oil and a variety of spices. They may be expensive at first but they last a long time and can be used for a variety of meals.

Unlike last week, my physical activity improved and resulted in going to the gym more than once. Intermediate gym-goers, listen up!

A few tips to people who go to the gym:

1) Don’t bring your date/book/gameboy to the gym. It may seem like a good distraction for you, but that’s exactly what it’s doing and it keeps you from getting a good sweat on, unless your partner motivates you.

2)Proper attire is important.

You are not going to get a good run on in jeans. If you insist on bringing your girlfriend and she wears short shorts and a mini tank top, I’m going to stare- and that’s distracting me.

3) The gym is not a club, save the pick up lines for Firehall, tiger.

This week coming up needs an introduction. I’m doing Amish week in honour of my new favourite show Breaking Amish. So I will be attempting to not use my phone or computer for anything but homework.

This might make things difficult to those who want to reach me… stay tuned for more Fatso Raven after these commercials.

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