Letters to the Editor: October 3, 2012

Dear Editor,

Homecoming has come and gone. A huge success in all respects except one incident that should not have happened. With less than ten minutes left in the football game, my wife Marlene and I were leaving the stadium and noticed, I assume, a first-year student in a purple t-shirt verbally abusing two young women inside the ticket booth. He was vulgar and spitting at them.

I went to him and said “What’s wrong with you?” He turned, looked at me and said “f*** you” then he began running out and away from the stadium. My reason for writing this letter is to ask that person, if he remembers the incident, to come visit me in Alumni Hall and explain his poor behaviour. It is unbecoming and totally unacceptable behaviour of a university student.

I would welcome a visit from him. I am located in Alumni Hall and am here each morning from 9 a.m.-12 p.m.. I realize it would take some courage to expect him to show up. I do not expect any form of discipline on behalf of the university authorities, just an opportunity to allow him to show what kind of person he really is. Alcohol brings out the worst at times but this is a chance to bring out the best in him.

Fred Nichols Former dean of students

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