Canadian homebuilder wins Laurier’s Outstanding Business Leader Award

Among prominent members of the Waterloo and Laurier communities – including co-founder and CEO of RIM Jim Balsillie, Conservative MP for Kitchener-Waterloo Peter Braid, MMP for Kitchener-Waterloo Elizabeth Witmer and Laurier president Max Blouw – earlier this afternoon Peter Gilgan became the 21st recipient of Laurier’s Outstanding Business Leader Award.

“Today we recognize a leader … who has met [Laurier’s] standards,” said dean of business Ginny Dybenko, who introduced Gilgan.

Highlighting Gilgan’s “civic and charitable donations” and his effort to link education and construction, Dybenko welcomed the renowned Canadian homebuilder, who has constructed close to 50,000 homes. Gilgan is the president and chief executive officer of Mattamy Homes Corp, which is currently the country’s largest homebuilder.

“I’m going to do that Canadian thing, ‘I’m really humbled,’” said Gilgan addressing the crowd gathered in the Senate and Board chamber.

Through telling personal stories Gilgan engaged those in attendance, providing a humorous and meaningful message.

“One thing that sustains me year after year is the people,” said Gilgan.

Blouw praised Gilgan’s ability to work through adversity and come out successful.

“It’s our business leaders that really see adversity as opportunity,” said Blouw.

“You’re not just building houses, you’re building a community.”