Beloved professor no longer teaching

Tenured Laurier professor Franklin Ramsoomair, who has been a faculty member in the business department for the past 20 years, is no longer teaching at the university

The multiple winner of the “Professor of the Year” award was a beloved faculty member by both students and co-workers. Students are left unsure of the reasons for his departure.

“I’m still on Laurier’s payroll. I have opted not to teach, but am still very heavily involved in research,” said Ramsoomair.

“Because of the negotiations that we had, I’m under a legal agreement that I cannot discuss,” commented Ramsoomair.

Vice-president of academics Deb Maclatchy was also unable to comment on any specifics of the situation.

“All I can say at this point is that the university and professor Ramsoomair have come to a mutually satisfactory resolution of the issues,” said Maclatchy.

“Everything else is confidential. That was agreed to by both professor Ramsoomair as well as the university.”

During the summer, an e-mail was circulated by former students of Ramsoomair. The e-mail asked those who had been taught by Ramsoomair to write letters to administration in support of him.

“He’s unlike any other prof I’ve ever had. He’s got his own style,” said Laurier graduate Matt English. English, who completed his honours business administration degree in 2009, noted that students really loved Ramsoomair, as he taught things that would not only get them through university but continue to help them throughout life.

“It’s definitely a shame that they have lost one of the better teachers in the program,” said English.

He added that it felt as though Ramsoomair genuinely cared about his students and their successes. “All you have to do is go upstairs in the SBE building and look at professor of the year and you’ll see his picture multiple times,” said English.

Ramsoomair, who will be greatly missed by those in the business program, said that if he could tell all future students one thing, it would be to “develop a social conscience.”

Ramsoomair will be receiving the 2010 Bob Marley Humanitarian award for humanitarian work in the classroom and with the community.

He is currently working on officially launching his foundation, Dream High and Fly, which provides business education for youth who have been identified as marginalized or disadvantaged.