‘Bunny Hop’ an embarassment


To the young man, presumably Laurier student who harassed me and my 12-year-old sister on the sidewalk Thursday evening, congratulations. You take first place in the Douchiest of Douchebag Awards out of all the “Bunny Hop” pub crawl participants. Incredible.

To loudly shout into my little sister’s ear at 8 p.m. on Albert Street as we walked by a bunch of pre-drunken students — truly outstanding. You did it. You solidified my growing conviction that Laurier is more and more a cesspool of privileged, ungrateful humiliations to society.

I am embarrassed that I went to Laurier when I encounter young men like you. I feel less safe living regrettably close to the university. I feel sorry for the young woman who kept apologizing on your behalf. I assume she shared in my pity for your unacceptable face-palm behaviour. You scurried away, laughing, and smoking your little cigarette as I scolded you loudly. Young man, I am not your mother. Stop harassing children and pull yourself together.

—Janice Lee, Laurier grad 2010

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