Thanking student group’s charitable contribution

On March 31, a team of four WLU BBA’s (class of 2010) along with 300 other guests held a charity gala in Support of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto. The inaugural Memory Ball, was held at a downtown Toronto loft venue, Andrew Richards Designs.

The goal of the event was to raise awareness for the Alzheimer Society within a younger demographic. Alzheimer’s is typically understood to be an ‘elderly’ disease; however, prevalence among the under 60 age bracket continues to rise, and has personally affected several members of the event’s founding committee.

The Laurier Waterbuffs, proved to be significant sponsors of this years event. There contributions of $1,000 went directly to the [Alzheimer] Society. The Waterbuffs have always been a philanthropic organization, which is incredible for a group that also has earned the reputation of throwing some of the best parties at WLU.

“I can’t thank the Waterbuffs enough,” said committee chair, Carolyn Poirier ’10. “They exemplified the Laurier spirit, and proved that even once you’ve graduated your Laurier network still has a huge place in your future endeavors. Further more they taught me a great lesson, if you want to do something for a worthy cause, throw a great party, everyone loves a party.”

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