Best Arts & Life volunteer stories of 2020-21

COVID-19 and the new movie theatre experience by Amichai Abraham

Back in August of 2020, staff writer and honorary movie critic Amichai Abraham bit the bullet and took readers through exactly what it was like to visit theatres during the pandemic. Of course, theatres have been closed indefinitely for quite a long time now, and Abraham’s account of his movie-going experience could possibly be one of our last sightings  of our beloved cinematic events.

How the Laurier experience compares to international universities by Deanna Fitzgerald

A question even more relevant now, staff writer Deanna Fitzgerald wonders how international universities hold up to our ever-cherished Wilfrid Laurier. Fitzgerald talks to a student attending classes remotely from his hometown in the United Kingdom, discussing the motivations behind his choice to attend Laurier here in Canada. “Laurier was the best situated school in Ontario for cultural experiences,” Fitzgerald states.

How COVID-19 has inspired more creativity in the entertainment industry by Sarah Caley

With live concerts and international tours canceled, it raises the question: how the hell does the music industry stay afloat? In this reflective piece regarding the entertainment industry, staff writer Sarah Caley takes a look at all the ways that COVID-19 restrictions have creatively benefited the industry. From innovative live streams to underwater concerts, the industry is doing all it can to stay relevant through these challenging times.

Strategies for staying sane during a winter pandemic by Meg Murphy

We all go a little stir crazy sometimes, don’t we? In this informative piece, contributor Meg Murphy proposes five alternatives to boarding up the house during the pandemic. From road trips to virtual fitness classes, Murphy has all the answers for those falling victim to that ever-torturous cabin fever.

Kanye West 2020 is impossible; here is why by Nour Khalil

In this piece,  contributor Nour Khalil takes a look at the sheer improbability of Kanye West’s recent presidential campaign. With the motivation of a honey bee and time on his side, Kanye 2024 isn’t quite as unlikely. Khalil’s article may just warrant a reread in the near future.

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