Arts Picks

Movie: This Is the End
In this tale of apocalyptic horrors, Seth Rogan teams up with Jonah Hill and Jay Baruchel in an effort to survive the end of the world while stranded in James Franco’s luxurious Hollywood home.
Even though the world is crumbling around them the main focus of the film is friendship. This is definitely a movie to see with your best friends and is easily relatable to any friendship dynamic.
Full of nonstop laughs, This Is the End could be one of the best comedic movies of 2013.

TV Show: Boardwalk Empire
If you have a list of shows to eventually watch Boardwalk Empire belongs at the top starring a number of well-known actors such as Steve Buscemi and Michael Shannon.         This Golden Globe winning series is set in the 1920s and primarily centred on the struggle of prohibition.
The most dangerous men in the country, including Al Capone, have started to transform illegal alcohol, gambling and heroin into an extremely profitable business but not without the FBI watching their every move.
Be warned the violence is graphic and the show isn’t shy on sex either, but then again what would you expect from some of the biggest gangsters America has ever seen? Truly deserving of its praise, Boardwalk Empire is a must see.

Book: The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire – Deepak Chopra
The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire is hands down the most interesting book I’ve read yet. Dr. Deepak Chopra is one of the brilliant minds of our time and has even taught at Harvard University.
However don’t be fooled, this book is not for the average reader and may have you searching up a lot of terms online. Dr. Chopra touches on a large spectrum of the subconscious tendencies and how exactly we can notice, create and take advantage of opportunities around us.         If you’re up for the challenge this book will have you glued to the pages and testing all of his exercises.

Album/Mixtape: The Flower of Life – Cocaine80s
In a world of over-publicized artists and stereotypical songs it can be difficult to find music that really captures your attention with pure originality and talent.
If you appreciate the underground music scene then Cocaine80s and their The Flower of Life E.P. is exactly what you’re looking for. This seven track collection is one of the most soulful, inspiring and emotional projects you will listen to this year. “Higher Self,” “Lucid” and “Fly Ass Pisces” are three songs you won’t be able to take off repeat and will become your much needed stress relievers for those long days in class.

Upcoming event: Morgan Page: In The Air Tour (Beta)
On Thursday, October 10 make sure you’ve got your tickets or risk missing Morgan Page and what is shaping up to be a memorable night at club Beta.
Morgan Page is an American-born Progressive and Electro House DJ with five albums and two Grammy nominations in 2009 and 2011 for “Best Remix” under his belt. “Fight For You” and “In The Air” are a few of Page’s more popular hit singles but expect most of the music that night to be off his latest album In The Air (2012). With the help of about thirty animators, Page’s show brings the average concert-goer to an experience like no other.

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