Experiencing Open Mic

(Heather Davidson -- Photography Manager)
(Heather Davidson — Photography Manager)

Have you ever been in the 24 lounge late on a Monday night and heard some acoustic serenades coming from downstairs? Have you ever been getting two-for-one appetizers at Wilf’s and wondered why a guitar bearing student is strumming on stage?

This medley of sounds is Wilf’s Open Mic Night. Open Mic Night has been going on for a few years now and is really starting to take off.

At Wilf’s Open Mic Mondays students of all musical backgrounds and talents can sign up at around noon on Mondays to perform later that night. It runs from 10 p.m.- 1 a.m. and there are ten 20 minute slots.

“Usually students like to perform three to five songs,” said the man behind it all, Josh Nezon.

Nezon, a fourth- year communications student is currently the host and MC of Open Mic Night, but he definitely has had his fair share of time performing and knows what it’s like to be in front of the more-often-than-not packed Wilf’s crowd.

“I started back in first-year because it is the best open outlet to perform in front of my peers” said Nezon, as he effortlessly signals the next performer to get ready to take the stage. “I was obviously nervous to start but having your guitar with you kind of puts up a barrier between you and the audience so it’s really not that bad.”

However, Open Mic Night is not just for students who can slap the bass. It is open to all musical genres and all different acts. From rappers to pianists and literally anything in between are more than welcome at Open Mic Night.

“Just last week we had a rapper perform who really brought a good turnout,” said Nezon.

Open Mic Night usually brings out a strong turnout, when they have a certain event or guest MC, it gets full fast.

Just last week, they had Arts Laurier come through and display all their musical talents. It was a compilation of musically inclined first years that played their hearts out.

“We do things like this all the time,” said Nezon, referring to facilitating of campus clubs.

Last year they had a special Open Mic Night for the participants of 5 Days for the Homeless in which the students that willingly embodied homeless people for a week came and performed their favorite tunes or original compositions.

“It’s a pretty relaxed atmosphere to enjoy some appetizers, have some drinks and listen to your friends and their music,” added Nezon, as the he finally sits down after a night of sound checks and preparation.

And he’s right. The atmosphere is laid back, easy and fun.

All the performers looked so comfortable; it was like they were strumming along for friends alone in their bedroom. Meanwhile, the audience looked to be happily nodding along scarfing down some half priced spin dip.

If you like music, friends and good food, make sure to check out Open Mic Mondays from 10 p.m.- 1 a.m. at Wilf’s.

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