Arts Bites: Nov. 16, 2011

Community bumped

In a much maligned move by NBC, beloved existential sitcom Community has been moved from its timeslot for the midseason push. It will remain on hiatus, while being replaced by returning staple 30 Rock. The rest of the Thursday night “comedy block” will then feature The Office, Parks and Recreation* and newcomer Up All Night. So, rather than knock off a painfully unfunny new addition like Whitney or the recently disappointing 30 Rock, the network would rather axe the most original thing currently on television. I must have missed the memo when NBC changed its name to FOX.

Pitt contemplates retirement

During an interview for an Australian style 60 Minutes show, celeb-dad/star of Megamind Brad Pitt stated that he has about three years left in acting before he throws in the towel. It’s probably for the better, in three years his contract with the devil for being ridiculously good-looking will finally expire.

Fox is Good again

During a charity event for his Michael J. Fox Foundation, the actor broke out an identical red guitar to the one he used in Back to the Future and mimicked his famous “Johnny B. Good” scene from the film for the excitable crowd. Once he was finished the set however, Fox had to race back to the old clock tower where he would eventually make it back to 1985. Christopher Lloyd stayed though. He brought punch.

Porn star reads… to kids!!

Former adult film star/general oddball Sasha Grey caused a bit of a controversy last week when she volunteered her time to read to a group first and third-graders at an elementary school in L.A. Parents of the school children were outraged by the fact that a porn star was a “celebrity guest” at the school, reading to their innocent children. When asked about what the children thought of Gray’s appearance, they replied that Gray was okay, but Jenna Jameson would have been better.

— Compiled by Wade Thompson

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