Arts Bites

David & Tilda forever

Recently, David Bowie released a music video for his latest single “The Stars (Are Out Tonight).” It stars Tilda Swinton, Bowie’s long-lost twin, and a bunch of very Bowie-esque models who appear to be stalking Swinton and Bowie, an aging married couple.
The Bowie-esque models appear to represent Bowie in his younger years. It’s easy to forgive the fact that Bowie is married to his clone and is being stalked by himself because the song is so damn catchy.

Kris Jenner is crying tears of joy right now

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a girl. The only person who is more thrilled than Kris Jenner is Blue Ivy who has been gifted a life-long frenemy. Maybe Blue and Beyonce can take this terribly dressed child under their wing and help little Kash Kow.
But more likely than not, it’ll just be another stupid “K” named spawn.

Who is the real Suri Cruise?

Apparently Suri Cruise is in some form of (probably imaginary) danger as she officially has a body double.
Seriously? The kid is six. There isn’t a lot of trouble she could be in unless she’s angered the great god Xenu somehow and Tom (Crazy) Cruise is trying to distract him. It all makes sense now.

Does murder run in their family?

Carl Pistorius, the elder brother of alleged murderer Oscar Pistorius, has recently been charged with murder as well. According to reports, he was driving very recklessly and hit and killed a cyclist. Even better, the prosecutor to defend him was also allegedly charged with murder.
This just sounds like a set-up for the world’s worst joke.

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