Apocalypse to-do list

(Graphic by Adele Palmquist)

2012 is coming to an end, and if the Mayan calendar is correct, so is the world. Instead of feeling doomed or scared, why not look on the bright side and see the potential things you could do just for this special occasion.

To prevent leaving any stone unturned in case the world actually does end this year, there are a few crucial things to do so you can actually say that your life was worth living.

You might look stupid, but that’s all right because no one will be alive long enough to remember. If the world ends, you won’t need to deal with the consequence

Eat Your Feelings
Your body isn’t going to impress anyone once it’s gone up in smoke from the world being engulfed into flames. So, go on. Treat yourself to everything on the menu at McDonald’s. But just be warned: if the end of the world doesn’t kill you, a few Big Macs will. Have you ever seen Supersize Me?

Max out your credit card
Use this as an excuse to buy shoes, clothes, jewelry, cars and mansions; whatever floats your boat. Spend all of your money on all of those things that you’ve always dreamed of buying but never had a reason or the courage to make the purchase. I’m sure buying an expensive outfit to wear when the world ends is a justifiable cause.

Find that person you harbor feelings for
Yes, be the cliché that has always loved someone but never told him or her because you feared rejection until the world is coming to an end and so you run up and make out with them. Or, if there are complications with your ex, tell them off and smack them in the face.

Go party with your friends
Like Britney Spears once sang, “Keep on dancing ‘til the world ends.” Right before that moment when the world ends comes, go dancing with your closest friends. Be goofs together one last time and don’t stress out too much about how good or bad your dancing is. Just remember that it won’t matter in the very near future.

Cry in a hole
You’re just going to wish for more time, but you won’t get it. You can’t stop your inevitable death from and apocalypse. So, cry about it. Why not? But in all seriousness, whether the world ends or not, we do technically only live once so follow your heart. Don’t wait for news of an oncoming apocalypse to decide that you should start living your life to its fullest. Start it now or at least try to make it your New Year’s resolution. So, put yourself out there. Do something a little bit crazy and mischievous, be a lover and a friend and try to find happiness in every aspect of your life. Those are the real things that you should be doing everyday for the rest of your life. Man, I love clichés.

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