Campus style trends of 2012

10. Hunter boots
At first glance these boots look like they belong on a plumber, but they quickly started popping up. From typical black and grey, to baby pink, hunter boots took over 2012 footwear regardless if it was raining or not.

9. Circle scarves
Tying your scarf was no longer necessary when some fashion designer once discovered to sew the ends together. We then discovered we could have a scarf and blanket all at once.

8. Knee-length winter jackets
This trend looks like it will be following us through 2013. With cold Waterloo days ahead we have our parkas to keep us nice and toasty.

7. Sheer clothing
You can rarely escape a night out without spotting at least five sheer blouses. They have been transformed from blouse, to tank top, to skirt and have virtually taken over Waterloo nightlife.

6. Ombre hair
Whether someone was just too lazy to touch up their roots, or it was a deliberate attempt at an edgy look, ombre hair is definitely trendy.  The unusual style of colouring your hair dark on top and light at the bottom hit its popular peak through the summer months.

5. Blazers
Taking ‘business casual’ to ‘club wearing appropriate’. Anything could be easily be dressed up by throwing on a blazer over top.

4. Neon Nike running shoes
It started from one Nike commercial where a girl was sporting bright pink runners. Soon after, the trend exploded. If your running shoes can’t be seen from across the gym, you probably missed the trend.

3. Sock buns
Rolling your hair in an old sock may seem weird, but girls everywhere have been rocking this up-do for months. Sleek was definitely in, and messy was out.

2. Backless shirts/cut out dresses
Girls have not been forgetting to put on the rest of their clothes. It would be hard not to notice the growing trends of shirts and dresses with the back cut out. Showing off some back instead became the substitute of showing off cleavage.

1. Bras and bandeaus substituted for shirts
For those who don’t know what the meaning of ‘bralet’, I’m sure you can think back on a night out and remember at least one girl at a party wearing what seamed to be a bra as a shirt. Bralets are essentially a bra, with an inch of extra fabric below them to constitute them as an acceptable shirt.

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