A teen movie, but not

Despite all the hoopla that has been circulating the current release of The
Hunger Games
, moviegoers should be mindful not to overlook another cinematic gem that was recently released.

Its name? 21 Jump Street.

Why should you see it? Let’s just say it’s a little more lighthearted than its dystopian neighbour in the theatre next door – one which garnered $155 million at this box office this weekend and saw crazed Twilight fans everywhere heading to their local Chapters for a new book to read.

21 Jump Street, based on the police drama that aired on Fox TV in the late ‘80s, is missing original cast members Johnny Depp and Peter Deluise, actors responsible for the success of the shows five seasons. Instead, the film introduces

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill – a new generation of actors proven more than capable of producing laughs that audiences will remember long after they have left the theatre.

The duo portrays characters of Jenko (Tatum) and Schmidt (Hill); two cops down on their luck looking for exhilaration and excitement in their jobs on the force.

The downfall? They try to do too much. Ultimately, both cops find themselves being sent to an undercover drug operations police hub located at 21 Jump Street.

It is here that the two are given the assignment of going undercover in a nearby high school to discover who is supplying a new strain of synthetic drugs to the school’s student body.

In addition to giving Jenko and Schmidt the opportunity to prove themselves as officers, both get a chance to obtain personal satisfaction as they attempt to compensate for the faults they committed during their own high school careers.

Granted, for some viewers, 21 Jump Street may seem like Hollywood’s attempt to drawing upon the same old formula – releasing yet another comedy targeting youth with vulgar humour that may illicit uncomfortable memories of recent duds Due Date, Nacho Libre, and She’s the Man.

Fortunately, the film is quite the contrary to the stereotype as it is compelling beyond the basic laughs combined with the action-flick appeal that will draw additional audiences.

Not only is the movie hilarious – it embraces audiences and quite comfortably takes them back to a time where they can witness high school from a new perspective that reminds us of the fun had from grades nine to twelve.

Die-hard fans of the original series are rewarded with a nostalgia-inducing cameo from Johnny Depp – complete with a shocking plot development that will not disappoint.

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