A season of brand new trends


(Graphic by Lena Yang)
(Graphic by Lena Yang)

Believe it or not, this unruly winter will eventually come to an end.  Start getting excited because it’s almost time to push those big and bulky winter coats and boots to the back of your closet to prepare for spring.

This upcoming season may also mean that this is a time to hit the mall and find a couple of new pieces of clothing and accessories for spring.

Here are the fashion trends that you should be keeping an eye out for the upcoming spring season.

For Guys
Button ups and short-sleeved collared shirts are going to be really popular this upcoming season.

They’re both casual, yet professional and don’t have the warmth of a long sleeve dress shirt.  Gentlemen, this is a perfect look for spring. Try these shirts in any solid colour of your choice, or if you’re a little bit more fashionably bold, you should try going for a fun print such as gingham or chevron.  If you’re looking for a printed shirt, whether it is a t-shirt or a regular button up, you don’t have to look very far.

Believe it or not, your dad’s old Hawaiian shirts are cool once again.  The Hawaiian floral print is making a big comeback this spring, so why not try it out?

In terms of the bottom portion of the outfit, try going for a slightly shorter pair of shorts, preferably one that goes just slightly above the knee.

For those bold guys out there, try going for a short dress pant. Get inspiration by thinking of Pharrell Williams at the Academy Awards in early March.  The key ingredient for this is to find a pair of shorts that are a little slimmer at the knee.

For Girls
A fun yet casual look that is going to make an appearance this spring is the vintage logo t-shirt.  This style of shirt can vary from your old concert t-shirts to promotional Coca-Cola shirts.  They’re perfect for pairing under a button up shirt or denim jacket and give you a casual chic kind of look.

Another trend for ladies to look out for this upcoming spring season are bright coloured pastels. This includes soft colours such as baby pinks, soft blues and even creamy yellows.
Try finding a pastel dress that would be cute for Easter celebrations or those end of the year functions.

Another basic look that every girl needs for the upcoming spring season is a rain jacket.  If you want to make a statement for the spring season, try a bold colour for your rain jacket, like red or orange.  Or if you’re a bit more adventurous, try buying a transparent  rain jacket.  You can literally pair this transparent coat with anything.

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