2015 in review and what’s ahead

We compiled this year’s most prolific stories

We compiled this year’s most prolific stories | Photo’s by Marco Pedri, Jess Dik, Will Huang, Zach Guitor

We compiled this year’s most prolific stories


In January, there was a report of bugs in the sashimi at Itamae Sushi after a thread on Reddit advised students to stay away from dining at the all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. It was found that Itamae had multiple health infractions.


In light of the Paris attacks, the Laurier and K-W community both held candlelight vigils to honour all of the lives lost in the tragic event. Government officials, the police force, both mayors and members of the community were present and shared reflections. Laurier president Max Blouw and Students’ Union president Olivia Matthews also shared words of support for international students from France.


A video was leaked of an administrative member from Sage 2 physically removing an tenant from the building after there was an announcement of construction being delayed further. This shed light on the bigger issue of living conditions for students in Waterloo and if paying so much money is really worth it in the end.


Staff Writer Christina Somos explored the peak of meth use in Waterloo Region and why this drug has been the “drug of choice” as opposed to other notorious drugs such as crack cocaine. The conclusion was that this derives from the production of both drugs, in which cocaine comes from source countries whereas meth can be made locally.

Next year, keep a look out for…


A few issues back we covered the iron horse trail and changes brought forward by the community. These changes will be implemented in the following year, including road crossings, flow of traffic, safety and the width of the trail. The total cost of all improvements will be about $4 million.


Two bars to look forward to in 2016 are Pub on King and Stark & Perri. Aesthetically, both look to be different and will attract opposite tastes. The Pub on King stays true to the former Fox & Fiddle’s roots and will be having its grand opening on December 10. Stark & Perri aims for a modern vibe, detaching from its predecessor, McMullan’s.


Ikea will be expanding to 130 Gateway Park Drive in Kitchener with a “pick-up and order point.” This will make it easier for customers to pick up online or large purchases at a closer location. Building a store with full showcase rooms will take years, so with a $20 pick-up fee, customers no longer need to travel to the Burlington location.


The first phase of the Northdale area development will begin in the upcoming year. This initial phase entails changes on Spruce Street and Hickory Street. This development is a long-term plan to re-vamp the entire area. Developers hope to attract permanent residents with the revitalization.

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