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Ever wonder how a Korean pop singer, a British baby with a bitten finger and a man dancing through history got famous? How does 30 seconds of a Panda sneezing generate buzz internationally in a matter of hours?

With the help of YouTube, watching and participating in viral videos has become a growing interest and trend. Causing numerous people to participate whether it’s watching or uploading.  But the art of creating a viral video and what the right criteria is, can be hard to narrow down. Some of the most notable and widespread viral videos are simply strange, unique and amusing.

Videos such as last year’s “Gangnam Style,” “Chocolate Rain,” “The Evolution of Dance” and Charlie’s bitten finger have all passed the 100 million view mark on YouTube. The most recent viral video that has made news in several parts of the world is the “Harlem Shake.”

Despite the popularity of viral videos, the real question is how does a video get selected to become viral? What is it that makes Internet videos so vital and prominent in our culture?

Based on my own viewing, most viral videos count on the number of views one can generate. Many people feel as if the more views a video gets, the more important and noteworthy it is to watch. This might be true, however, views are not the only thing that makes these videos important to us.

A viral video can be deemed popular and influential based on three specific criteria:

1. The video needs to reach a large age range,  2. Be a part of pop culture and 3. You can watch it on YouTube

The accessibility of the video is an obvious must for the success of any video. If it isn’t easy for people to see, it won’t be significant. If the video is limited can’t reach a wide variety, it won’t have the potency and relevance to last in people’s minds.

Finally, if the video doesn’t become a cultural phenomenon for at least a short while, then odds are it won’t be classified as a must see. Viral videos have been known to be a fun and inclusive way to connect people from across the globe.

Their humorous nature and widespread popularity prove that they are here to last. But keep in mind that views aren’t everything and there is more to a viral video than a number at the bottom of the YouTube page.

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