You know what yanks my cord… November 7, 2012

…how fucking cold it is outside.

It’s only the first week of November and already my 10-minute walk to campus leaves me with icicles for fingers and a snot-covered nose.

That doesn’t mean I am completely against winter, though it’s not a season I particularly look forward to.

When it goes down to minus ten degrees Celsius outside at night already, I can only imagine what January has in store for the Kitchener-Waterloo region.

Look out Laurier, the Aritzia parkas and Canada Goose bombers will be back with a vengeance this year.

Too bad it’s not actually negative 60 outside, because just to remind you, we don’t live in the Arctic circle – despite what people from other countries may believe.

The necessity of your parents to protect you from the harsh winter of menacing Waterloo is endearing

However, at some point it is time to grow up and make your own purchasing decisions.

The bubble gum pink they released this year is also not as ‘cute’ or flattering as you think it is.

Nor does it match your plaid-print Sorels.

As nice as it is to treat the campus as your living room, which for some students it practically is, it is still a public space.

“Dressing to impress” still applies to some degree even if you are walking two minutes and sitting in a giant lecture hall for three hours.

Despite the negatives that come with winter,  the only thing to look forward to is the possibility that we will actually get a snow day next semester.

—Ali Connerty

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