You know what yanks my cord… November 14, 2012

…how much disrespect some people have during the moment of silence on Remembrance Day.

It’s disgusting.

Just because you’re not at an official ceremony doesn’t give you the right to speak on your phone, yell at your kids or bother those around you while the Last Post is playing.

On Remembrance Day, we dedicate a total of maybe ten minutes of our time to commemorate those who fought and died for Canada during both world wars, the Vietnam and Korean conflicts and the present day war in Afghanistan.

And only a mere two minutes of that time is spent in silence. Two minutes of silence, that’s all.

Is that really so hard to do? Stand still and shut up for two minutes.

If your kids realize that it’s a time to be quiet and respectful, why can’t you?

They may not fully understand why we have a moment silence, but surly grown adults have the brain capacity to realize why we take a moment to remember and show respect towards the sacrifices of our soldiers.

But no. Those douchebags have no respect, and it’s just sad.

—Lizz DiCesare

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