You know what yanks my Cord…

…people who yell at you for walking on the Hawk. I don’t care if you’re the whole “Rah Rah” school spirit type.

Go watch all the football games you want at University Stadium; wear your purple and gold and all your Hawk gear and by all means “Rawk out with your Hawk out.” It makes no difference to me. 

But it is a whole different story when you verbally assault me for walking on the Hawk. Do you know what hallways are for? They are there for people to walk from one place to another.

I’m not going to go out of my way to walk on the Hawk when I’m walking through the Hall of Fame. However, when there are various club and charity booths on both sides and it is rush hour, it’s just ridiculous to expect people to avoid walking on the Hawk.

I’ll take common sense over a perceived social faux pas any day. And I’ll avoid your mindless herd mentality just as well. 

Also, wasn’t it removed during renovations a few years back and then put back, despite an expensive price tag, because some students protested its removal?
What a complete waste of student money. They should have just gotten rid of it and been done with it. Think about it. No more people heckling me for walking in a straight line. Sounds absolutely normal now doesn’t it?

If you want to respect this made-up tradition you are by all means welcome to. You are free to not walk on the Hawk to your heart’s content. But get it out of your head that it’s some sacred rule that you can enforce by shrieking at random people. So get off my back. I don’t need the school spirit police telling me what to do.