You know what yanks my cord… September 19, 2012


… douchebags, everywhere.

Is it just me or did the 2012-13 year bring the biggest spike in douchebaggery in Laurier’s history?

I feel like every time I go to the bar – which I do enjoy on a weekly basis- I have to watch my step and where I look, or I might be hit with the question, “What are you doing, bro?”

Yeah, I get it.  Everyone wants to be that “alpha-male” where no one will fuck with them. But trying to start fights in a public place over the most insignificant matter is not going to make you look like a stronger man, you look like a fucking asshole.

I was walking down a street back from the bar last week and a guy, who I’m assuming was in second or third year, asked if I had a “light.”

I thought he meant a lighter, but apparently he meant a cigarette, which I didn’t have, so I apologized. With his shoulders raised and chest pushed out, he stepped towards me and let out a bizarre sounding roar. What the fuck? Sorry I was such an inconvenience to you.

I’m not saying every “bro” at Laurier is a douchebag, and I do believe some people deserve, in extreme circumstances, a good punch in the throat.

But if you’re going to heckle people from your parents’ BMW, treat people like shit because you think girls will like it or start a clusterfuck of drama because someone looked at you the wrong way, then go fuck yourself.

High school is done. Be nice to others, you fuckers.

–Justin Smirlies

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