You know what yanks my Cord…

Parents who leave their children unsupervised in public areas where they misbehave and cause trouble, and the parents do nothing to reprimand their kids.

It’s not bad parenting to tell your kids that they are misbehaving, it will actually teach them right from wrong and more importantly, social etiquette.

I currently work at a movie theatre and part of the job is to clean bathrooms.

When doing a bathroom check there were two girls, about age six or seven, throwing water and soap at each other. Not only were they making a mess, but they also managed to throw the water and soap in my face.

The girls didn’t even notice, but just kept laughing.

The mother walked in finally and said, “Oh there you two are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

She took them and left, completely disregarding the fact that her two minions had made a mess and hit me in the face with soapy water.

Parents should know to never let their kids wander off in the first place, and when they find their children they should tell them to stop causing trouble. It’s easy parenting stuff right there.

If parents think that their child is always a perfect little angel, my work experience has certinaly taught me this: sometimes your perfect little angel deserves a punch in the face.

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