You Know What Yanks My Cord…

… campus construction. Someone said to me during the summer that there are two seasons in Canada: winter and construction. In that case, Laurier has one season: construction. In all my time at Laurier, I do not think there has ever been a point there has not been construction.

I get that Laurier is a growing school, and that we need to create more space, but if you think about it, little of the recent construction does, except for the new Global Innovation Exchange building.

Firstly, this construction inconveniences everyone. For well over a year now, students coming from numerous residences have been hindered by all the construction, especially by the area blocked off near the Terrace. While I understand that construction is a necessary part of general upkeep, what possible projects have taken this long? In addition, what construction company has managed to make the job last this long? It seems to me that something is wrong here.

Secondly, why did they destroy St. Michael’s. Now I have always had a soft spot for St. Mike’s, something about early morning tutorials in first year, it just seems like a fitting place. I realize that because our school is expanding we need more classroom space, but it is a huge inconvenience.

Once again, we see the bourgeois business students stomping on the proletariat arts students. It is not the business students who suffer for their newer, bigger, classier building, but it is built on the backs of arts students.

These arts students are forced to take additional Friday classes in the most obscure, inconvenient classrooms. Once again, we see where the administration’s priorities are situated: give the business kids everything, fuck the arts students.

The worst part of all is we are paying for it. You and I are paying to be inconvenienced and to have our classes moved all around. What a lovely waste of money.

– Alex Reinhart

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