You know what yanks my Cord…

…People who play Warcraft in the computer labs. Let’s be clear, I have nothing against the games themselves. I’ve even dabbled in them myself when my level of boredom has reached new heights. But come on people, have some consideration for others.

Nothing pisses me off more than needing to get into the lab for an assignment and seeing the majority of the computers being used for what looks like a Blizzard LAN party.

It wouldn’t bother me so much if people were just killing time in between classes and didn’t have anything to do, but there’s a whole sub-culture involved with these people. I’ve seen students bring in bowls, milk and cereal to set up shop so that they don’t have to get up once their raid starts.

There have been some pretty late nights in the lab where I’d leave and come back hours later and it doesn’t look like they’ve moved from their seat (because they probably haven’t). If you ever go into the labs and find disgusting messes everywhere, now you know the likely culprit.

The worst part is hearing the never-ending clicking of the mouse like an animal scratching at the inside of your skull. Now that these games can be carried around on USB, it’s easier than ever to play anywhere on campus.

Of course, Laurier IT and their infinite wisdom are always looking for new solutions to make our wireless better (and by better I mean actually able to work) and I think they should start by figuring out how to ban these games from the servers. Seriously people, it’s really pathetic seeing you play these games on campus, so stop.