Drugs search warrant on Columbia St leaves four in custody and rifle attained

Police cruisers are seen within the addresses premises

Earlier today, at approximately 4:00 p.m., Waterloo Regional Police Services (WRPS) undertook a search warrant at an address on Columbia Street near Lester Street.

“We had grounds to execute a full drug and substance search warrant,” WRPS Superintendent Daryl Goetz said.

As WRPS geared up to enter the premise, two individuals fled in a vehicle, while another two individuals left on e-bikes.

All four individuals were arrested by police.

Upon entry, four more individuals found at the address were arrested — bringing the total to eight persons in custody.

“Currently, we’re searching the house over the next couple of hours,” Goetz said.

“If we find what we’re believe we’re gonna find, we’ll release some more information tomorrow.”

Police say they were investigating information they received regarding controlled substance at the address in question.

Four individuals seen in custody near the addresses upper unit

On site were over four police cars, the drug unit and the tactical team. The search warrant was directed at a lower-unit, as opposed to the upper unit where the action on Columbia Street could be seen.

“We have found some substances, but until we do a little bit of analysis I can’t say for sure what it is,” Goetz said.

Although Goetz said that, to his knowledge, no students were involved, the address is within close proximity to schools which presents a large concern.

“Our concern is, well look at where we are … we have two universities and a college within a stone-throw of this place,” he said.

The investigation is ongoing. As of later this evening, CTV News reported that four suspects remain in custody and police have confirmed they have attained controlled substances as well as a rifle.

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