World in brief: Sept. 15, 2010


Muscat, Oman – Sarah Shourd, an American national, was finally freed after spending more than a year incarcerated in an Iranian jail. Held on charges of espionage, Shourd had accidentally crossed across the border while hiking with two others in Iraq’s northern province of Khormal. Shourd was released on a bail of $500,000.

Alcamo, Italy – Officials have seized 1.5 billion euros worth of assets from a Sicilian man suspected of working with the Mafia. Some of the assets siezed included property belonging to wind and solar companies, buildings and the contents of bank accounts. This has been the largest confiscation of assets attributed to the mafia in Italian history.

New York City, USA – Michelle Bachelet, Chile’s former president, has been chosen to head UN Women, the new agency promoting equality among women. Bachelet stepped down as president in March earlier this year. The new agency was created this past July, combining four previously existing UN bodies for women’s rights.

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