World in Brief: Nov. 4, 2009

The Melbourne Sun reports that police stations in the province of Victoria have been the weekly target of thievery for the past two years. To date, at least five of the reported incidents were found to have been committed by police officers.

According to the Polish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, Swedish stockpiles of Cold War-era canned meat were sold for use in Polish restaurants. The meat, which expired in the early 1990s, was collected before it could be served.

Ahmed Mohamed Dore, who claims to be 112 years old, married his 17-year-old bride last week. According to the BBC, the wedding is described by Somali authorities as the first of its kind in over a century.

EU tax payers are outraged at French president Nicolas Sarkozy who built a costly shower intended for his personal use. The BBC reports that the shower cost $400,000 CAD. To date, the shower in question remains unused.