A night of comedy

Last Wednesday, the A-Team’s Comedy Night brought renowned television personality Trixx of Video on Trial to Wilf’s. The bar was packed; everyone with an “A” for A-Team on their wrists and drinks in their hand was ready to laugh.

Starting off slowly, with dull, obnoxious host Sam Easton and the last-minute comedian supporting act, Mike, the show really began with headliner Trixx from Video On Trial.

Performing for an hour, he delivered the most laughs, joking about race, Canada’s Wonderland, women’s “flowers” (not the plant kind) and their powers.

“My comedy is for everyone, but a university crowd will dig it more [because] our experiences are similar. If I had to pick I would definitely pick university shows because they’re in the know, they’re young and they’re more key to relevant stuff,” Trixx told The Cord before the show.

Trixx started performing four years ago. Encouraged by friends, he started off at amateur nights, then after a year joined Yuk Yuks.

A past VJ, radio and concert host, Trixx has “always been in entertainment but his love was with comedy.”

When discussing his experiences, Trixx explains that the comedy company and Video On Trial “puts you on another level … television gets you out there. Everyone knows Video On Trial, if you watch it or not.”

For him, “out there” is touring the world and taping his first comedy DVD.

Students do come out and pay their $3 to laugh with comedians, most of whom they recognize.

A-Team executive Lexi McCann explains that this is why Comedy Night is a success.

“It’s a really great event because it’s diverse. People can have a beer, enjoy the show and meet people,” she said, adding that the A-Team has run the event for several years.

“It’s kind of a staple that everyone looks forward to, the last Wednesday of every month,” McCann continued.

Trixx’s “student humour” is exactly what the A-Team wants for Comedy Night. When choosing the comedians, McCann and her team screened Yuk Yuks comedians who are currently touring, watching clips and rating both the headliners and supporting acts.

“We try to pick the [comics] we think the students like … obviously the racy, outrageous humour always goes over well. It’s the student life humour”.